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We help American Made manufacturers beat their foreign competition by sharing our knowledge
One-Year Made In USA Content License

Made in USA Labeling Solution

This Labeling Solution can be purchased separtely adding it to your cart or it is also available as one of the benefits  of membership to the Made in the USA organization, for information about  Membership Options click here.

Our Market Study found and identified competitive advantages US manufacturers can use to help beat their foreign competition.  The study also identified things that if improved upon, had the potential of becoming a competitive advantage.  

Improving Made in US product labeling was identified as having the potential of becoming a huge competitive advantage. Huge because our surveys documented millions of consumers using the Made in USA mark to help make their purchasing decision. The study also revealed how simple changes to the country of origin labeling of Made in USA products create a competitive advantage for US manufacturers.

Changes like the following: 

  • The Size of the label
  • The Location of the label
  • The Choice of Words on the label
  • Including the Amount of US Content on the label

To make it easy to accomplish these changes we created a Made in USA mark for manufacturers. This country of origin mark can be used when making Made in USA origin claims. With another survey and our other research we validated its effectiveness.

We call our mark the Made in USA Content mark. With the Patent and Trademark office, we applied for and received a Certification Mark.  It is versatile because it can be used to claim any Made in USA content and allows for manufacturing variances. It is transparent for the US consumer because we created a calculator that standardizes the Made in USA content calculation. The calculator is free to use and the data entered is not collected or retained by us.

To use our calculator, just enter your manufacturing numbers for domestic and foreign content. Then click the calculate button and the results will be displayed. You are presented with the calculation details, along with the resulting Made in USA content mark.